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Social media and medical malpractice

People who require medical treatment typically expect that the medical professionals who care for them will fulfill their professional obligations to the best of their ability. Sadly, some medical professionals are negligent or are unable to carry out their job duties properly, whether they lack training, are short on time, or simply do not care. Victims of medical malpractice may face a wide range of hardships and can be very stressed out and even angry. Sometimes, people turn to social media to vent their feelings, but we know how important it is for medical malpractice victims to watch what they share online if they plan on taking their case to the courtroom.

Examining average doctor visit times

When people in Albuquerque go to visit the doctor's office, the expectation typically is that whoever sees them will sit down with them, listen intently to everything they have to say, and generally take as much time as is needed to make them feel completely comfortable. They often leave such visits, however, shocked at how little face-to-face time they get with the doctor. Indeed, research information shared by the Health Research and Education Trust shows the median doctor office visit time to be only 15.7 minutes. 

Steps to avoid prescription medical errors

As concern grows regarding the safety of patients in light of common medical errors, it is imperative that individuals seeking health care be proactive about their protection. For people seeking treatment in New Mexico, proper education and careful attention can provide them with an added measure of safety.

The dangers of misdiagnosing bipolar disorder

People in New Mexico who struggle with psychological health issues know that mental health crises can be just as painful and dangerous as physical difficulties. Mental health providers who fail to provide an accurate diagnosis and proper treatment can make things even more difficult.

How fatigue can lead to medical care errors

One thing that anyone who plans to receive medical care in New Mexico in the near future should think about is how fatigue can contribute to poor medical care and mistakes. Doctors, nurses and other health care professionals often work long hours and see numerous patients throughout their workdays. Many of them are so overworked that they are not capable of giving their patients the full attention and quality of care they deserve. 

Why do medication errors happen?

As a patient, you probably expect your physician and other medical professionals responsible for your health to provide you with proper care. Sadly, patients may find themselves hurt or even lose their lives as a result of a medical professional's negligent behavior and carelessness. In Albuquerque, and other cities in New Mexico, some people suffer due to medication errors. If you are worried about a medication error or believe that you have suffered due to the incorrect prescription of medication, you should immediately go over your rights as a patient.

Finding a vigilant and committed health care provider

Medical injuries and fatalities related to malpractice, surgical errors, misdiagnosis and other errors are all too common in today’s world. Securing your health and safety is facilitated in large part by the vigilance and commitment of your health care provider in New Mexico. At Curtis & Lucero Attorneys, we understand the complexities of medical malpractice.

Ways patients can prevent doctor errors

Many people in Albuquerque are already apprehensive about seeking medical care without the threat of doctor errors and medical mistakes looming over their heads. According to U.S. News and Health Reports, the third leading cause of death in the country is medical errors. Many deaths that occur due to medical and doctor mistakes are preventable. Doctors and medical staff are not the only ones who can keep patients from dying while they are under the knife.

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