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Wet floors, bed sores, and hospital negligence

There are many different ways in which patients are mistreated in hospitals, whether they suffer because of a surgeon's mistake during a procedure or are hurt by a medication error. However, patients may also fall victim to hospital negligence, which can take all sorts of forms in Albuquerque and across the state of New Mexico. From slippery floors that are left unattended to bed sores that develop because hospital staff failed to attend to a patient, hospital negligence happens in all sorts of ways and can be devastating for victims and those they love.

Poor medical care may have caused nursing home resident's death

When providing care for seniors, nursing home staff in New Mexico have a responsibility to do what it takes to ensure that residents are able to live their fullest life possible. This includes medical attention, appropriate medications, nutritional food and an environment free from hazards, as well as other physical, psychological and social needs. Neglecting any one of these factors can put an elderly person's life at risk.

What can hospitals do to make emergency room safer?

When you are injured in New Mexico, you want the best care you can get. But when your injury is an emergency, you may not have time to pick and choose your health care providers. This post explores some of the measures that hospitals are encouraged to use to promote better patient outcomes.

Medication errors in nursing homes

Mistakes can happen anywhere and nursing homes in New Mexico are no exception. If you or a loved one are in one of these homes, you likely need several different types of medications and specialized care. With so many complicated regimens, it is no surprise that errors may be more common than you might think. We at Curtis and Lucero can investigate any claims and work to secure the compensation you deserve.

Causes of delayed care in emergency departments

An emergency room in New Mexico is expected to provide quick care, especially in true emergency situations. However, there are many reports of situations where a person’s care was delayed in the emergency room, which led to serious complications or medical issues as a result. Understanding what is causing such delays is not always easy because of the many factors at play.

How do I know if I have a viable hospital negligence case?

If you or someone you love has been injured due to negligent hospital care in New Mexico, you may be able to take the hospital to court. Determining when you can sue for hospital negligence, though, can be tricky. Not every case will be viable in court. Nor will every case be worth taking to court. You have to think about court costs and if you can even prove your case to determine if you have a viable hospital negligence case.

New study looks at hospital drug errors

New Mexico residents who require care at hospitals should be able to focus on the receipt of care but sadly must also be aware that the risk of a medical mistake also exists. Many of these errors involve different drugs that are required as part of the treatment protocol. A study recently published in a nursing journal took at look at errors involving medications at five different hospitals around the southwest.

Feds penalize 41 New Mexico hospitals over patient care - part 2

As we discussed in our last post, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has just released its annual list of U.S. hospitals that will be penalized for having too many hospital-acquired illnesses and injuries occur. These 769 hospitals represent the bottom 25 percent of all hospitals studied and will be penalized by losing 1 percent of all Medicare payments for a year.

Feds penalize 41 New Mexico hospitals over patient care - part 1

Since 2014, hospitals across the U.S. have been evaluated on the basis of how many hospital-acquired conditions occur in their facilities. Each hospital is given a score based on patient safety indicators, the prevalence of infections acquired in the hospitals, and the presence of infection-resistant MRSA (Staphylococcus aureus) and Clostridium difficile.

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