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Man files lawsuit saying surgical errors caused permanent damage

New Mexico residents in need of medical treatment put their faith in the doctors and facilities tasked with treating their conditions. When surgery is required, the amount of faith one must have in his or her doctors is great. As a result, one expects to be in a better condition, not worse, after surgery. Unfortunately, surgical errors can result in the quite the opposite.

Jury finds medical malpractice, awards $9.1 million

In New Mexico and other states, it is often observed that a large medical negligence verdict contains within it the cost of future years of medical care for a severely disabled plaintiff. If the victim is totally immobile, or if there are vital treatments that must be continuously administered, the price tag on those services on a yearly basis for the rest of the patient's estimated life expectancy, can be a substantial amount. In a recent jury verdict for medical malpractice in another state, the award for $9.1 million to a 51-year-old man with spinal cord damage and partial paralysis, likely reflects future years of costly rehab therapy and medical care.

Man suffers permanent brain injuries after alleged negligence

As a general rule, New Mexico residents visit a physician, either at a private clinic or the emergency room, when they are ill or have suffered an injury. It is usually assumed that one will get better with medical intervention. Unfortunately, medical treatment can actually cause one's condition to worsen, especially when the staff, clinic or hospital is negligent in providing adequate care. This may have been the case with an out-of-state hospital that is being sued for medical negligence after allegedly causing a man's permanent brain injuries.

Jury awards $3.7 million on widow's medical malpractice suit

New Mexico sees many cases where a doctor makes an incorrect diagnosis and formulates a treatment plan on that mistaken premise. When injury or death occurs from the negligently made diagnosis and incorrect treatment, a claim for medical malpractice will be appropriately asserted. In one example in another state, a jury recently returned a $3.7 million verdict for a widow whose husband died of a massive pulmonary embolism while in a hospital under the defendant doctor's care.

Doctor accused of negligence faces 400 felony charges

In a case outside New Mexico, a doctor's license has been suspended amidst accusations that he failed to adhere to the rules of a probationary license. Initially, the doctor's license to practice medicine was suspended in 2014. After allegations of negligence, he was reportedly issued a probationary license in May of the following year. The issuance of that license included several conditions to which he was ordered to adhere.

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