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Who is responsible for a physician assistant’s mistake?

When it comes to health care, the more experience a professional has, the better. Unfortunately, you may be passed off to providers in New Mexico with less education and often less experience as more doctors allow physician’s assistants and nurse practitioners to see and treat patients. While this gives the doctor the ability to accept more patients, it also means you may receive a lower standard of care.

What patients need to know about hospital-acquired infections

No one likes having to stay in the hospital, but the discomfort becomes even worse when patients in New Mexico acquire an infection from the very place that is supposed to be making them well. Doctor errors and negligence can allow bacteria and viruses to enter the body and cause additional suffering and sometimes even death. There are several ways this can happen.

The common mistake of cancer misdiagnosis

While most people trust their doctors, they may not realize that medical professionals in Albuquerque are just as prone to mistakes as anyone else. In fact, new studies are showing that misdiagnoses may happen more often previously thought. ABC News reports that cancer is one disease that is frequently misdiagnosed, with methods for labeling the disease remaining the same as they have for the last 50 years. For the 1.3 million people each year who are told by their doctor that they have cancer, a mistake could cost them their lives.

Measuring psychological and physical damage from medical malpractice

There are many myths about medical malpractice, perhaps the biggest being that most cases are either frivolous or a never event. In fact, most are instances of negligence, a common problem that applies to all professions. Medical malpractice is when a doctor does the wrong thing, despite training and regulation that says otherwise.

Just how common is wrong site surgery?

Patients in New Mexico like you often consider yourselves to be under the care of your doctors, surgeons and so on, and trust them to look out for you. However, the fact of the matter is, healthcare professionals can also make mistakes, and these mistakes can vary from minor to severe.

Common surgical errors to be mindful of

When a New Mexican patient goes in for surgery, it is important for them to understand every risk of their procedure. While everyone hopes that their surgery proceeds without a hitch, accidents and errors can still occur, and patients have the right to know about it.

Feds penalize 41 New Mexico hospitals over patient care - part 2

As we discussed in our last post, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has just released its annual list of U.S. hospitals that will be penalized for having too many hospital-acquired illnesses and injuries occur. These 769 hospitals represent the bottom 25 percent of all hospitals studied and will be penalized by losing 1 percent of all Medicare payments for a year.

Feds penalize 41 New Mexico hospitals over patient care - part 1

Since 2014, hospitals across the U.S. have been evaluated on the basis of how many hospital-acquired conditions occur in their facilities. Each hospital is given a score based on patient safety indicators, the prevalence of infections acquired in the hospitals, and the presence of infection-resistant MRSA (Staphylococcus aureus) and Clostridium difficile.

Doctor errors deprive infants of a chance of a normal life

Women in New Mexico and around the world already know that pregnancy is not a medical condition but one of the most natural processes in human history. However, that does not mean that medical intervention is not needed from time to time in order to ensure the safety and health of the mother and/or the infant. When doctor errors occur and that needed intervention does not happen in a timely manner, the child could be robbed of the chance for a normal life.

Do you suspect negligence by ER staff at a New Mexico hospital?

Like most New Mexico residents, you more than likely went to the emergency room due to an urgent medical issue of yours or a loved one. You expected the doctors, nurses and other hospital staff to be professional, diligent and accurate in their diagnosis and treatment. Unfortunately, due to any number of factors, that does not always happen, and you or your loved one could have suffered serious or deadly health consequences because of negligence.

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