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Get an infection at the hospital? Dirty equipment may be the source

People who go to hospitals anticipate being treated and examined with clean and sanitary equipment. But can you trust that the tools and instruments are always free from harmful bacteria? Dirty equipment is more common than you'd think and it can be very dangerous. Here's what you need to know about dirty equipment and how it might affect your health while undergoing a procedure.

How do I know if I have a viable hospital negligence case?

If you or someone you love has been injured due to negligent hospital care in New Mexico, you may be able to take the hospital to court. Determining when you can sue for hospital negligence, though, can be tricky. Not every case will be viable in court. Nor will every case be worth taking to court. You have to think about court costs and if you can even prove your case to determine if you have a viable hospital negligence case.

Accidental side effects of surgeries

After you have gone through surgery in New Mexico, you usually expect to be back on your feet in no time. Surgery can sometimes have unintended side effects, however, and one of these is retained surgical items. At Curtis and Lucero, we understand that dealing with the ramifications of an RSI is not part of your recuperation plan.

Acquired brain injuries: what you need to know

It is common to associate brain injuries with a blow to the head, and you may not even be too concerned if you experience a mild concussion. However, factors going on inside the skull may lead to serious brain damage, even without a significant trauma. At Curtis & Lucero, we have counseled many people who have been victims of an acquired brain injury.

Did your doctor tell you the potential risks of your procedure?

Before you undergo any type of treatment for a health condition, your health care provider is legally required to explain the benefits of the recommendation, and the risks, so you can weigh them carefully and make an informed decision. Most doctors in New Mexico take this responsibility seriously, providing you with statistics that indicate your best chances of recovery. However, according to the Society for Vascular Surgery, some researchers do not believe these informed consent measures go far enough, particularly when it comes to elderly patients.

Study shows emergency room visits may increase risks for elderly

Some people do not have the luxury of scheduling an appointment with a provider and waiting for days, weeks or even months to get medical attention. Those who seek immediate care at a hospital emergency department typically expect to be seen within a few hours, at most, and although the medical team that helps a patient is probably unfamiliar with other aspects of the person’s history, every person involved has the same responsibility to avoid mistakes.

Is robotic surgery safe?

Before you and your doctor schedule your surgery at a New Mexico hospital, he or she may suggest to you that a laparoscopic, computer-assisted procedure may reduce your risks and speed your recovery. While there is quite a bit of literature touting the benefits of the medical devices that can allow surgeons to perform much smaller movements with the aid of a robotic system, not all studies offer the same reassurance.

New study looks at hospital drug errors

New Mexico residents who require care at hospitals should be able to focus on the receipt of care but sadly must also be aware that the risk of a medical mistake also exists. Many of these errors involve different drugs that are required as part of the treatment protocol. A study recently published in a nursing journal took at look at errors involving medications at five different hospitals around the southwest.

What are never events in medical malpractice?

People in New Mexico who want to know more about the types of medical errors that may happen should learn about a group of errors that are acknowledged by medical professionals as "never events". The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality explains that this term was first coined 16 years ago by the former leader of the National Quality Forum. These medical errors are grouped by type.

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