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Diffusion tensor imaging aids diagnosis of mild TBI

While a host of studies have been done on moderate to severe traumatic brain damage, little research has been done on mild cases of brain damage. Traditional measures for scanning the brain and evaluating the brain for tissue damage did not allow physicians to easily see the signs of mild damage deep in the brain tissue. With the discovery of a new diagnostic testing device for traumatic brain injuries, however, medical professionals in New Mexico and across the country are now able to see mild brain injuries and understand how they progress over time.

“Never mistakes” during surgery

Human error is a natural part of any medical care in New Mexico. Not all errors can be avoided, but even within the medical community, there are mistakes that are not tolerated. These “never mistakes” are things that should never happen. Pacific Standard notes that “never mistakes” are rare, but that every year around 5,000 people end up having an object left inside their bodies during surgery, and when it comes to operating on the wrong body part, about 500 people experience that each year. None of these things should ever happen, and prevention can help to stop them.

Anesthesia awareness explained

While anesthesia is generally safe and the safest it has ever been in history, issues can occur with patients in New Mexico. One issue is called anesthesia awareness, but it is important to note that, according to the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists, this condition is very rare. It occurs when one of the parts of the anesthesia fail. Anesthesia involves three parts: the part that blocks pain, the part that paralysis the patient and the part that makes the patient unconscious.

What is a brain injury?

If you have been in an accident in New Mexico, you may have sustained a brain injury. While it sounds severe, this type of injury is not always a traumatic situation that will have life-long effects. Any injury to the brain is considered a brain injury. According to the Brain Injury Association of America, brain injuries are most often caused by falls. Other causes include car accidents and assaults.

Medical malpractice alleged against dentist after teen's death

Nearly every anesthesiologist here in New Mexico will attest to the fact that administering anesthesia requires a delicate balance between keeping the patient sedated and ensuring that his or her health is not jeopardized. Careful monitoring is required during the procedure, and at the first sign of trouble, the team needs to be able to react quickly and competently. Anything less could be considered medical malpractice if the patient suffers serious injuries or dies.

Medical malpractice claim alleges delayed and missed diagnosis

Most New Mexico residents who go to an emergency room want to be seen right away, but also expect to sit for a while. For some patients, that wait could mean the difference between recovery and a premature death. If evidence suggests that a death was due to a delayed diagnosis, a medical malpractice claim might be appropriate.

Medical malpractice claims: When you knew something was wrong

Most New Mexico residents trust their doctors to reach the correct diagnosis and prescribe a treatment that will either rectify or manage a particular problem. However, there are times when something just does not feel right about the diagnosis. This feeling comes up quite a bit in medical malpractice claims.

2 women wanting bigger behinds suffer injurious surgical errors

Some New Mexico residents might be aware of what goes into a Brazilian butt lift. The procedure removes fat from a patient's back or stomach and implants it into the backside in order to increase its size. Two women who underwent this procedure suffered serious surgical errors that required additional hospital visits and medical care.

The term "surgical errors" covers a lot of ground

From the moment you seek medical attention that results in an operation, the potential for mistakes that could leave you permanently injured or a loved one dead exists. Like many New Mexico residents, you might fail to realize that the term "surgical errors" covers a lot of ground. From the diagnosis through your discharge after the operation, a costly mistake could occur.

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