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CDC: Sepsis starts with vague symptoms but is a medical emergency

Sepsis is the body’s attempt to overcome an infection. It used to be referred to misleadingly as a bloodstream infection or “blood poisoning,” implying that sepsis was simply an infection the body could not handle. It’s not. It’s an over-enthusiastic immune response to an infection that causes inflammation and tissue damage. It can lead to shock, damage requiring amputation, organ failure, and even death.

Fatal meningitis outbreak caused by lead pharmacy professional

Receiving medical treatment is a luxury of the modern world and one that has saved millions of lives in New Mexico. However, lack of attention, compassion or adherence to general protocols by any health care professional can prove detrimental and even deadly to recipients.

What are some statistics on brain injuries?

Brain injuries are quite common in New Mexico. They can occur due to many different situations, which are often accidents. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 30 percent of all deaths due an injury are because of a brain injury. There were 2.8 million brain injury-related deaths, hospitalizations and emergency room visits in 2013 with around 50,000 of those being deaths.

The harmful effects of forgotten surgical tools

When facing an upcoming surgery, the primary concern of many patients is their health, treatment and recovery. However, what many New Mexico residents might not realize is the dangers of surgical errors that could result in debilitating consequences. Costly mistakes like wrong-site surgery, carelessness, misdiagnosis and even forgetting surgical tools inside of a patient’s body are all real possibilities.

Medication errors in nursing homes

Mistakes can happen anywhere and nursing homes in New Mexico are no exception. If you or a loved one are in one of these homes, you likely need several different types of medications and specialized care. With so many complicated regimens, it is no surprise that errors may be more common than you might think. We at Curtis and Lucero can investigate any claims and work to secure the compensation you deserve.

Common causes of wrongful deaths

The number of wrongful death claims in New Mexico is increasing. According to The Balance, the surviving children, spouse and parents of the deceased can file claims to receive compensation for the loss of their loved ones if they believe their deaths were caused by someone else. As heartbreaking and life changing as these situations are, it is important for people to understand what wrongful death is and the common ways it can occur.

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