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The dangers of misdiagnosing bipolar disorder

People in New Mexico who struggle with psychological health issues know that mental health crises can be just as painful and dangerous as physical difficulties. Mental health providers who fail to provide an accurate diagnosis and proper treatment can make things even more difficult.

How does a doctor determine if your head trauma is serious?

If you hit your head, you or someone who is with you may decide you need medical attention at a New Mexico hospital. According to the U.S. National Institutes of Health, before sending you home with a traumatic brain injury diagnosis, the doctor should do a thorough examination that may involve a number of tests. 

Deaths may be due to faulty device or surgical error

Sometimes, a medical device appears to hold particular promise for people in New Mexico with certain health conditions. There are many factors that may affect safety, though. Not only is there a potential for adverse reactions or complications, the procedures for putting the device in place may create a risk.

What can hospitals do to make emergency room safer?

When you are injured in New Mexico, you want the best care you can get. But when your injury is an emergency, you may not have time to pick and choose your health care providers. This post explores some of the measures that hospitals are encouraged to use to promote better patient outcomes.

Which hospital rankings are the most important?

In the Information Age, we're accustomed to finding reviews or data that definitively says which company is better, which restaurant to go to, or what school offers the best education. Health care, however, is a complex industry with many moving parts. There are many established quality measures and hospital rankings, but it's hard to know which rankings really make a difference.

How fatigue can lead to medical care errors

One thing that anyone who plans to receive medical care in New Mexico in the near future should think about is how fatigue can contribute to poor medical care and mistakes. Doctors, nurses and other health care professionals often work long hours and see numerous patients throughout their workdays. Many of them are so overworked that they are not capable of giving their patients the full attention and quality of care they deserve. 

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