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When your child is hurt by a doctor's mistake

For parents, seeing their children suffer due to injuries can be very hard. Worse, some are even more upset when they know that this suffering only exists because of another person's carelessness, especially when it is a medical professional. In Albuquerque, and through all cities in New Mexico, parents and their children who are struggling with the consequences of an injury that occurred because of a physician's error might be bothered by the fact that the injury might have been completely preventable. Moreover, a child may have his or her life upended in many ways because of the hardships they are facing.

Dealing with infant brain damage

Medical malpractice can be incredibly hard for different reasons, such as the financial problems that can arise due to a medical professional's error, the physical pain that a victim has to endure, and the emotional hardships that family members go through. However, all of these problems can be especially difficult when an infant sustains trauma because of medical professional negligence, such as brain damage. For parents in Albuquerque and across all parts of New Mexico, this can be incredibly upsetting, but it is pivotal for those who have experienced this devastating problem to stay focused on helping their child and holding accountable those who caused the trauma.

Medical professional negligence during childbirth

Medical malpractice affects patients in many different ways, but it can be especially upsetting for some, such as women who give birth and their loved ones. Expectant parents often believe that their physician and the medical professionals who provide care will do their best to protect the mother and her infant during the birthing process, as they should. Unfortunately, some medical professionals in New Mexico and other parts of the country have failed to provide patients with the care that they deserve. When negligence occurs during childbirth, the consequences can be especially devastating for entire families.

When a surgeon performs the wrong procedure

We have discussed some of the different surgical errors that patients suffer from, such as those involving the wrong site or the wrong patient. However, there are others that occur, such as wrong procedure errors, which can be especially devastating, depending on the incorrect operation that was performed. There are a variety of reasons why a surgeon may perform the wrong procedure on a patient, but the consequences can be extremely damaging regardless of the factors that led to the mistake. In Albuquerque, and across all of New Mexico, a patient who has an incorrect procedure performed on them may suffer a number of harsh consequences, from worsened conditions and completely unnecessary suffering to the loss of their life.

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