Month: March 2018

How common are diagnostic errors?

We go to the doctor expecting that we can trust the care we are receiving. When a doctor gives us a diagnosis and prescribes treatment, we trust what he or she is saying. After all, the doctor is the medical professional, the one who went through years of medical...

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What is nursing malpractice?

When we think of malpractice, we don’t think about nurses. Serious mistakes in healthcare can occur in the rank of nurses. Nursing care is the first line of healthcare. Nurses spend more time with patients than doctors do. Errors in treating a patient. Harmful...

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Are dangerous VA doctors still practicing?

The largest integrated health care system in the United States is the Veterans Health Administration. Considering the fact that veterans literally put their lives on the line for their country, the government owes all veterans access to quality health care services....

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When an infection is left untreated

On this blog, we have covered all sorts of examples of errors that medical professionals make, which can endanger the lives of patients they are supposed to be caring for. However, doctor errors manifest in many ways, which some people are not always aware of....

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Understanding preeclampsia and pregnancy

As an expecting mother, you will have many doctor appointments leading up to your due date. In the beginning, these checkups will be less frequent - typically monthly - but as you get closer to your due date, it is normal for the frequency of these checkups to...

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