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Brain injuries and lifestyle changes

People sustain brain injuries in many ways, whether they hit their head or are not given the level of care they deserve by a medical professional. Unfortunately, those who suffer a brain injury may find that their lives are thrown off-course in many different ways. For example, activities that they used to enjoy and even their relationships with friends and family members may be adversely affected by the injury. As a result, those who believe their brain injury was caused by a medical professional's negligent actions should immediately go over their options.

What are some different head injuries people suffer in crashes?

There are many ways in which a motor vehicle crash victim may be hurt, from breaking a bone to a deep laceration. However, head injuries are especially common in motor vehicle collisions and they can upend victims’ lives in various ways. For example, a car crash victim who is struggling with a heady injury may not be able to work or enjoy life to its fullest following the accident. Memory loss, personality changes, trouble sleeping, and emotional hardships are just some of the problems that those who have sustained a brain injury in a wreck may experience. Moreover, there are different types of head injuries.

How many TBIs are caused by traffic accidents?

From property damage to financial repercussions and emotional pain, motor vehicle collisions have a long list of potential consequences. However, some victims’ lives are upended because of a traumatic brain injury (TBI) that they suffered during an accident. TBIs can result in all sorts of problems and, in some cases, a head injury may even prove fatal. As a result, it is critical to realize just how many of the TBIs that people suffer are caused by motor vehicle collisions and take all precautionary measures to avoid an accident.

What are some signs of a concussion after a crash?

From a broken arm to back injuries, motor vehicle collisions have a number of consequences. Unfortunately, the full extent of a victim’s injuries may not be clear until a certain amount of time has passed. For example, someone may have suffered a concussion after hitting their head in a collision, even though they were unaware that such an injury occurred. It is important to assess the full extent of consequences following a crash, not only to recover properly but to hold irresponsible drivers fully responsible for any suffering they have caused.

How can a brain injury affect your lifestyle?

If you have experienced a traumatic incident in New Mexico resulting in a brain injury, you may have been told that your lifestyle and emotional state will be altered indefinitely. While this news is seemingly expected at first, you may find yourself surprised at just how much a brain injury can affect life as you have known it for so long. When you are aware of what types of challenges you may face along the way, you may be better equipped to overcome hurdles and adjust to new changes in a positive and effective way.

Dealing with infant brain damage

Medical malpractice can be incredibly hard for different reasons, such as the financial problems that can arise due to a medical professional's error, the physical pain that a victim has to endure, and the emotional hardships that family members go through. However, all of these problems can be especially difficult when an infant sustains trauma because of medical professional negligence, such as brain damage. For parents in Albuquerque and across all parts of New Mexico, this can be incredibly upsetting, but it is pivotal for those who have experienced this devastating problem to stay focused on helping their child and holding accountable those who caused the trauma.

A TBI could get worse at the hospital

After a blow to the head, it is generally a good idea for you to go to a New Mexico hospital for a thorough examination. The signs of a serious brain injury may not be evident to you right away, and if left untreated, a bruise or bleeding in the brain can lead to permanent damage. We at Curtis & Lucero have often provided counsel for victims of traumatic brain injuries.

The long-term consequences of brain injuries

With brain injuries, there are all sorts of topics to consider. For example, people sustain these injuries in many ways, sometimes because of the negligence of others. For example, someone may sustain a brain injury after being hit by a drunk driver or because a medical professional failed to provide them with the level of care that they deserved. In Albuquerque, and cities all around New Mexico, we know that these brain injuries can present a variety of long-term challenges that make life hard for victims and those they love.

How does a doctor determine if your head trauma is serious?

If you hit your head, you or someone who is with you may decide you need medical attention at a New Mexico hospital. According to the U.S. National Institutes of Health, before sending you home with a traumatic brain injury diagnosis, the doctor should do a thorough examination that may involve a number of tests. 

What an ischemic stroke does to the brain

When a person in New Mexico has an ischemic stroke, immediate medical attention is essential to prevent permanent damage. The longer a person goes without help, the more the brain will be affected. According to WebMD, stroke is caused by a blockage of the blood supply to the brain, often due to a blood clot. Because the blood carries life-sustaining oxygen, cells sustain damage four minutes or so after the artery becomes blocked, and they may then begin to die. As a result, about half of stroke survivors suffer disabilities that last at least six months after the event.

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