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What happens when hospital staff fail to remove surgical sponges?

Anytime you go under the knife in New Mexico, you assume some degree of risk, but the risks you face decrease to some extent when you have a competent, attentive medical team tending to your needs. Regrettably, however, surgical errors are actually quite common, and one such error, which involves surgeons or surgical assistants failing to remove surgical sponges after surgery, happens more than you might like to think.

Three types of preventable surgical errors

In New Mexico, hospital staff works hard to ensure that patients get the care they need every day. Unfortunately, chaotic environments, overworked hospital staff, and overcrowded hospitals can all contribute to the occurrence of preventable errors. This can be especially damaging when it comes to surgery.

Will your surgeon reveal the surgical error (s)he made?

When you enter an Oregon hospital for the purpose of undergoing a surgical procedure, you do not expect that your surgeon or anyone else on the surgical team will make a mistake. Unfortunately, however, statistics show that in the U.S., upwards of 250,000 patients die every year due to surgical errors.

Readmission to the hospital after surgery

When a resident of New Mexico undergoes surgery for any type of medical condition, the last thing they want is to end up readmitted for a preventable problem. Unfortunately, this happens all too often. According to CBS News, 6 percent of people who had emergency surgery were readmitted within 30 days.

Surgical errors are an ongoing problem

When a person in New Mexico is told that they must undergo an operation, it is reasonable for that person to be concerned about their safety before, during and after the procedure. As with any course of treatment, there are generally risks associated with surgeries. However, in addition to what some may consider reasonable and understandable risks, there is also the potential that an error may be made.

Misused hospital technology can be hazardous to your health

Going to a New Mexico medical facility for minor surgery can be nerve-wracking for both you and your loved ones, despite the doctor’s experience and expertise. At Curtis & Lucero, we have experience representing clients who have been injured due to improper use of medical equipment.

Never events continue, despite universal protocol

For many people in New Mexico, the thought of undergoing even the most minor surgery is cause for concern. The idea that a medical error could have catastrophic results due to wrong site surgery can be terrifying. The National Center for Biotechnology Information, U.S. National Library of Medicine reports that never events such as wrong-site errors are rare when compared to other preventable medical errors. However, when they occur, the consequences may be disastrous.  

Iatrogenic infections from contaminated endoscopes

Iatrogenic infections occur as a result of medical treatment. According to the American Bar Association, iatrogenic infections kill as many as 99,000 patients in the United States, including New Mexico, every year. These infections commonly occur as a result of improperly sterilized medical equipment coming in contact with bodily tissues.

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