If you think you may have a malpractice case

Please keep all text messages, voice mails and recordings of any conversations with doctors, nurses or any healthcare providers, so that they can be shared with us or any attorney that you speak to about your potential case. They can be important additions to what the healthcare providers write in a patient’s medical records. Many, many times medical records are incomplete or do not document important aspects of a patient’s care. These records can be critical to letting everyone know what actually happened to a patient during their care. THEN: The majority of our clients are families of patients who have died from their malpractice. It is a horrible and shocking situation for a family to be faced with making decisions immediately at the time of the a loved one’s death. If you see this post – we want you to know that an autopsy, which is such a hard thing to imagine, can help prove that malpractice caused the death. As tragic a decision as an autopsy is – if a family can come to terms with an autopsy, we recommend it be done.