Albuquerque Lawyers For Injuries Caused By Surgical Errors

A successful surgery doesn’t start when the doctor covers your face with the anesthesia mask. Surgeries begin at your local doctor’s office, who should diagnose your possible condition correctly and refer you to a specialist to confirm the condition. The specialist will be responsible for making sure the proper exams and tests are conducted to confirm the medical condition. The surgeon will be the next important step in the process because he or she will be responsible for making key decisions about presurgical diet, medications and care necessary to ensure the highest opportunity for success. Following surgery, the hospital has the responsibility to prevent infections and minimize other problems that can cause serious injury or death.

We trust our doctors and surgeons, but we also know our own bodies instinctively. In many cases, a person who suffered an injury because of a medical error is able to say he or she felt that something wasn’t being done just right. Call our lawyers if you think your surgeon made a mistake — 505-633-7998.

Surgical Errors Don’t Just Happen On The Operating Table

At any point throughout the process, a misdiagnosis, an error in judgment, a missed step or improper medication can result in serious injury or death. In most cases, we can trust our medical team to get things right. However, if you suffered a medical injury or lost a loved one because you suspect an oversight or negligence on the part of a physician, lab or hospital throughout the process, you may have a legitimate claim for a medical malpractice lawsuit.

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If you were injured or lost a loved one during or after surgery in a New Mexico hospital, call the surgery malpractice attorneys at Curtis & Co. in Albuquerque. We have nearly 40 combined years of experience investigating, negotiating, settling claims and winning trials involving surgical errors resulting in serious injury or death.

Call us to learn more about filing a medical malpractice lawsuit in New Mexico and to get your questions answered about medical negligence. We will gather the medical records necessary to provide a full investigation into the circumstances of your claim. If we feel you have a valid claim for malpractice, we will explain your options for reaching a fair settlement or taking your lawsuit to trial. We are careful about the number and types of medical malpractice claims we take on.

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