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When we go to the emergency room, it is often under life-or-death circumstances. In most cases, we are brought there by an ambulance, a loved one or a neighbor because we are unable to transport ourselves or take care of our medical condition on our own. Just as we would expect our doctor or medical clinic to diagnose and treat our condition properly, we have a right to expect emergency room staff to provide the same high standard of care.

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If you were injured or lost a loved one because of a mistake, delayed treatment or misdiagnosis in an emergency room in New Mexico, talk to an attorney at Curtis & Co. in Albuquerque. We are a team of medical malpractice litigation professionals with a proud record of protecting the rights of people who have suffered damages because of medical negligence.

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Emergency room doctors and nurses are under constant pressure. Every day and night, they must deal with a full range of serious injuries, potentially fatal medical conditions and often common illnesses. The staff’s first priority is to recognize the seriousness of the injury or illness presented to them and make instant “triage” decisions regarding which patients can wait and which require immediate treatment.

In many cases of emergency room negligence, the injured patient or loved one of a deceased patient may have a feeling that things weren’t being handled with enough urgency or the doctor or nurse didn’t pay attention to what the patient or family members were saying. We will gather medical records and reports and investigate the circumstances of your emergency room visit. If we determine that your case warrants a claim for damages, we will explain the legal process and your best options for seeking compensation.

We have a solid reputation for integrity. We will not file a frivolous lawsuit or advise you to pursue damages if we are not confident you have a legitimate case of emergency room negligence.

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