Attorneys For Labor And Delivery Injuries To Mothers

Despite all of the medical advances in prenatal diagnostic care, delivery room monitoring and post-delivery medicine, mothers still face a risk of death or serious injury when they become pregnant and give birth. Transplacental infections during pregnancy, pre-eclampsia during labor and surgical errors during caesarian sections and other procedures place the woman at high risk.

If you suffered an injury and you feel it was because of improper diagnosis, treatment or monitoring during your pregnancy, delivery or postnatal care, trust your instincts. You may have a claim for medical malpractice.

If you suffered a birth injury because of a medical error in New Mexico, turn to the medical malpractice litigation lawyers of Curtis & Co. in Albuquerque. We are a team of dedicated personal injury attorneys with a strong record of successfully recovering full and fair money damages on behalf of women who have suffered injury as a result of poor medical care or a doctor’s error during pregnancy or while giving birth.

We Are Very Selective About The Cases We Accept

Not every mistake results in liability for injuries, and not every injury is the result of a doctor’s mistake. There are specific criteria that must be met in order to file a legitimate, successful claim for medical malpractice. In general, the doctor, clinic or hospital must fail to meet the expected standard of care and the injury must be related directly to the error, misdiagnosis or inappropriate medical treatment provided. We will examine the reports and record to determine whether the timeline of diagnosis, treatment and care failed to meet the standards expected.

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