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Is suing the best response to hospital negligence?

America is often branded as the most litigious nation in the world. Americans know their rights and they are not afraid to exercise them. Thus, when it comes to hospital negligence in New Mexico, seeking legal recourse may seem like the most sensible response. However, whether or not it is the best solution for you depends on a lot of factors, such as the specifics of the incident you suffered.

Helping your parent recover from hospital negligence

Hospital negligence can disrupt the lives of patients in countless ways, and many people have suffered as a result of medical professional mistakes. Those subjected to hospital negligence may suffer physically, from a worsened condition to an injury. Moreover, they may also face emotional hardships and financial difficulties. For some people, such as older adults, hospital negligence can be especially devastating. If you have a parent who has suffered because a medical professional failed to provide them with the care that they deserve, it is important for you to help your parent recover, which may include looking into legal action.

Congress seeks to lower maternal death rate with new law

Many people in New Mexico may believe that the United States is one of the safest places to give birth. However, research shows this is simply not true. In fact, according to USA TODAY, complications in childbirth kill around 700 women each year, and about 50,000 more suffer serious harm. About half of those who die from complications could have been saved if their doctors had taken proper care to diagnose and treat those complications.

Family alleges hospital negligence to blame for overdose

Doctors and nurses in New Mexico face the challenge of communicating consistently, effectively and responsibly between multiple parties during each one of their shifts. Their vigilance in observing patient conditions, prescribing treatment plans and implementing options that are customized to meet individual needs is critical in maintaining patient safety and health. 

Protecting your loved one from delayed treatment

With your loved one's upcoming transition to a nursing home in New Mexico, you have been carefully comparing different facilities to find the one that is the best fit for your family member's needs. At Curtis Lucero Attorneys, we have helped protect many families and their vulnerable loved ones from suffering the unnecessary consequences of nursing home abuse. 

Do surgeons disclose everything that happened during surgery?

Having to have surgery in New Mexico is often a stressful situation. Most people are nervous about the procedure and worry about what may happen when he or she is under anesthesia. This may make you wonder if your doctor is going to be completely honest with you about everything that happens during your surgery. Knowing that your doctor will tell you what happened can greatly reduce your worry and stress.

Patient safety is everyone's responsibility

When people visit a hospital in New Mexico, they are placing a large amount of trust in their health care provider and the attending staff to give them high-quality care after completing a thorough examination to make a diagnosis. However, they are also responsible for guaranteeing their safety by implementing measures that will protect their wellbeing. 

Slick floors, unsafe conditions and negligence

In hospitals across the country, patients are mistreated in many ways, unfortunately. However, some examples of hospital negligence are less common and receive less attention, which is why patients and their loved ones should be aware of the many different ways in which hospital negligence may manifest in Albuquerque or another part of New Mexico. For example, someone who is staying in a hospital may be hurt due to falling down on a slick floor or as a result of some other unsafe property condition, such as a tripping hazard that was not addressed. Moreover, these accidents may constitute malpractice as well.

Unsafe hospital conditions can result in injuries

Generally speaking, New Mexico hospitals are places of healing. However, with the amount of foot traffic, both inpatient and visitor as well as bodily fluids and liquid supplies, you may come out of the medical facility more injured than when you entered. At Curtis & Lucero, we have experience representing individuals who have had a slip-and-fall injury in a hospital.

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