Attorneys For Victims Of Sexual Assault

If you have suffered the physical injuries and emotional damages of sexual assault, you need more than just a steady arm to lean on. You need a powerful advocate on your side. The attorneys of Curtis & Co. are here to hold those responsible for your attack accountable.

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Yes, You Are Entitled To Seek Civil Damages For Your Injuries

Sexual abuse is a crime and a civil cause of action. The criminal justice system makes the sexual abuse perpetrator accountable to society. That is why criminal cases are titled: The State of New Mexico vs. The Criminal. Only the civil justice system makes the sexual abuse perpetrator accountable to his or her victim.

We force sexual abuse predators and any institution that negligently puts the abuser in place to harm children to be accountable to those children, even if they are now grown adults who carry the scars and damage an abuser leaves behind.

We are relentless in our pursuit of justice and accountability for victims of childhood sexual abuse. Treatment is expensive, and many times the damage can be deep. The civil law is designed to take care of these victims.

The statute of limitations for adults who were victims of childhood sexual abuse is different than other statute of limitation periods. This is because many times the victim has to age and mature to a place where he or she can get out from under the power of the abuser to be able to actually bring an action against their perpetrator. The law recognizes that it is especially important for victims to hold these abusers accountable.

As hard as this work is to do, it is important to have experienced trial attorneys take on these challenges. Childhood sexual abuse stays hidden in the dark, unless we shine a light on it and make sure the perpetrators are accountable to their victims, not just to society. This is our way of trying to help people who need us to help them heal.

We handle cases where the perpetrator is in jail, and have handled cases where the DA refuses to prosecute. Not all perpetrators go to jail. All perpetrators, however, have to be accountable in the civil law to their victims. Our cases have brought about policy changes and education in schools and other programs to make them safer for our children. We frankly demand if people are going to be put in positions of trust over children, they must be thoroughly evaluated so that children remain safe. Institutions know what is required of them to do this. They must meet those standards because children are too important to risk.

The sexual abuse perpetrator deserves to lose everything he or she has to compensate for the damage that was caused. We make no apologies for demanding compensation. There are no sexual abusers who only offend once. Our experts have taught us that there is a psychological boundary that is crossed when an offender sexually abuses a child that cannot be taken back. We do not know how to treat sexual abusers in such a way that they stop hurting children. We can take away the means they have to live comfortably while their victims suffer.

If you need us, we are used to talking to people who have been victims of sexual abuse. There is nothing taboo about this subject to us. If we can help you, we will. That is, the law has certain requirements to bring a case; if something about the law or the facts of what happened mean we cannot help, we will tell you that too.

For More Information About Your Legal Rights

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