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Brian Downing

IT Specialist

I am a Washington State native and have spent the last 25 years in New Mexico leaning to call it home. I am a wood worker, a programmer, a 3D printer, a welder, a gardener, a home theater enthusiast, an electronics tinkerer, most proudly a father to my eight-year-old son. I found my way into the legal field quite accidentally when the opportunity to work as a runner availed itself to me. I have since that time found it an excellent home for my most avid interest in technology. I have worked with Curtis & Co. for more than 7 years and as an IT specialist for 6 of them. In this role I’ve had the privilege of developing and implementing complex solutions for the rapidly advancing technological needs of litigation and trial. I participated in the planning and execution of the first mid-pandemic trial in the state, I have assisted several courts in developing their remote witness capabilities and infrastructures and have written custom software for tracking and managing data. I am privileged to work in a field that I love with the freedom to exercise many of my skills while doing so. As a firm we make meaningful positive changes in the lives of our clients, and I feel deeply honored to be part of this purposeful, challenging and satisfying endeavor.