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Joreen Scanlon

Legal Development Specialist

Joreen Scanlon is the Legal Development Specialist at Curtis and Co., where she specializes in assisting our potential clients and the attorneys in investigating new potential cases. Joreen works closely with the attorneys, and our in-house nurse practitioner throughout the investigation phase of a potential case. Her genuine ability to empathize and express compassion and concern for all the people that reach out to us is the reason she is successful in helping our clients feel comfortable and safe with our firm.

Over eighteen years with Curtis and Co., Joreen has proven valuable in many areas of the firm because of keen intellect and genuine kindness. Her experience in law offices in other areas of practice including children’s advocacy work, have helped her gain knowledge and skills which have helped her excel in her role at Curtis and Co. Her driving force is her passion to see justice for everyone who is a victim of wrong-doing, and she is proud to be a part of a team that truly cares for their clients and will see to it that the laws change to help keep patients, children, and everyone safe from intentional and negligent harm.

When Joreen is not working at the firm, she enjoys spending time with her husband, their three adult children and their families. She especially loves spending time with her three beautiful granddaughters. Joreen also enjoys spending quality time with her elderly parents including taking them on trips to see family members and to visit national parks. She loves decorating, art projects, and home improvement projects, but her favorite hobbies are event planning and traveling. Throughout the past several years, Joreen has participated in various charitable organizations and has given much of her time and resources to her church and to teaching and coaching children and teenagers.