Medical Negligence Alleged in Death of Non-English Speaking Man

Doctors nationwide, including here in New Mexico, have a responsibility to provide care of an acceptable standard to all patients. Medical procedures may not be carried out without the consent of the patient, and doctors must explain the risks involved before asking patients to sign consent forms. A medical facility and several physicians in another state were named as defendants in a recent lawsuit that was filed by a man alleging medical negligence.

The man filed the lawsuit as independent administrator of his father’s estate. The complaint states that the plaintiff’s father was a non-native English speaker who was treated by the defendants for pneumonia and acute leukemia. It is alleged that, when the father needed a blood transfusion, he was given a consent form to sign without proper disclosure of the risks and no accommodation for the language problem.

The plaintiff contends his father did not understand the risks related to the blood transfusion. His father passed away eight days after he was admitted to the hospital. The doctors and the hospital are accused of medical malpractice and negligence. The amount of damages sought exceeds $50,000.

When a New Mexico family loses a loved one in circumstances that are suspected to have been caused by medical negligence, they retain the right to pursue litigation. However, such a lawsuit is complicated, and the support and guidance of an experienced medical malpractice attorney may be invaluable. After assessing the allegations and investigating the claims, a lawyer can suggest the most appropriate way forward in pursuing compensation for financial and emotional damages.

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