Man Claims Hospital Negligence After Allegedly Being Burned by Iv

Residents here in New Mexico have likely heard about wrong drugs being administered via IVs in the hospital. However, hospital negligence in regard to IVs can occur in a number of ways, and it does not have to be from the wrong drug. For instance, in one case from another state, a drug was administered via IV that resulted in skin burns.

The man was admitted into the hospital in July 2013. He had a heart condition and was to receive treatment via an IV. However, during the treatment, he alleges that the IV medication leaked and made its way into his system. This resulted in burns on his skin as well as necrosis and sepsis.

Because of the injuries that he allegedly suffered, he has filed a lawsuit against the hospital and the three doctors who treated him. He asserts that they were negligent and careless in administering the medication via IV correctly and failed to properly supervise the administered medication. He claims that the doctors failed to stop the medication once it leaked and did not monitor his condition in a timely and correct manner. As a result, he was severely injured and is seeking monetary damages.

In hospital settings, mistakes are made. However, New Mexico individuals who are victimized because of those mistakes have the legal right to seek justice in the form of a hospital negligence or medical malpractice lawsuit in pursuance of financial compensation for any losses that were suffered. The named defendants in such a suit can include anyone and any facility that was to provide adequate medical care and failed to do so.

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