Common Problems That Can Lead to Birth Injuries

It might seem cliché to think of childbirth as a medical miracle, but considering that a child is born alive and ready to breathe air directly after entering the world, one cannot help but to marvel at how this is done. However, childbirth is fraught with peril; as a number of things can go wrong in the midst of the birthing process. This is why doctors and prenatal nurses are trained to recognize and deal with problems that can occur in the event the baby, or the mother, goes into distress.

If fetal distress goes unnoticed or untreated, it could have disastrous results for the baby if he goes without oxygen. There are lifelong conditions that can come about. But what are some of the problems that can occur that could lead to such a traumatic event? This post will explore a few of them.

The baby’s position in the birth canal – Generally, the baby is in prime position to travel through the birth canal without any problem.  However, the baby may not be in position to make its way through, and could become lodged in the canal. If the baby remains there for too long, the flow of oxygen could be compromised.

Twisted or compressed umbilical cords – A baby can also go into distress if the umbilical cord becomes twisted or compressed. After all, the baby will still depend on it for nutrients and oxygen until he is born and is able to breathe on his own.  

Umbilical cords around the baby’s neck – An emergency situation comes about when the very thing that is supposed to provide nutrients to the baby becomes an instrument that can strangle him during childbirth. 

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