What to Do When You Suspect Medical Malpractice

Did you or a loved one recently suffer a serious injury while under the care of a New Mexico hospital? If so, you may suspect that someone — a doctor, nurse or other medical professional — made an error that led to your injury or the death of your loved one. When you suspect that medical malpractice occurred, you would most likely benefit from the counsel of someone who understands the complexities of filing and supporting such a claim.

The first thing an attorney will do is conduct an investigation into the events that led to the injury or death. Many attorneys who focus on medical malpractice consult with medical professionals who can review the records and determine whether a mistake was made in you or your deceased family member’s care. The results of that inquiry will be shared with you, and, if appropriate, the filing of a lawsuit will be discussed.

In many cases, the first step will be to discuss the matter with those who are deemed to be at fault. If no responsibility is taken and no compensation is provided, a lawsuit will be the next step. Your attorney should be willing to see the case through to trial, if necessary. However, many cases can be settled prior to litigation, saving both time and money.

You will have the right to either accept or reject any settlement offered. If your medical malpractice claim does go to trial, proving negligence will be required. If a New Mexico court rules that your care or the care of your loved one did not meet acceptable standards, you may be awarded damages that could help you with the financial burdens you incurred and may continue to incur, depending on the circumstances.

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