Man Files Lawsuit Saying Surgical Errors Caused Permanent Damage

New Mexico residents in need of medical treatment put their faith in the doctors and facilities tasked with treating their conditions. When surgery is required, the amount of faith one must have in his or her doctors is great. As a result, one expects to be in a better condition, not worse, after surgery. Unfortunately, surgical errors can result in the quite the opposite.

A man has recently filed a lawsuit against a hospital in another state saying that a surgical error occurred during his surgery. According to the claim, the man visited the hospital near the beginning of September in 2013. He was experiencing difficulty breathing. The man ended up undergoing a surgical procedure to have fluid removed from around his heart.

During this procedure, the man claims that the surgeon punctured his right ventricle. This resulted in the man going into cardiac arrest. It was during this time that the man did not receive adequate oxygen to his brain. He suffered debilitating injuries as a result, and he is now seeking various monetary damages for medical expenses and lost income.

Although each individual case is different, most surgical errors are preventable. Usually, when a mistake is preventable, it is a result of the negligence of a surgeon, nurse or other medical professional. New Mexico individuals who are victims of surgical errors have the right to pursue compensation via medical malpractice lawsuits. It is important to understand one’s legal rights in a situation like this in order to determine the best way to proceed.

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