Man Suffers Permanent Brain Injuries After Alleged Negligence

As a general rule, New Mexico residents visit a physician, either at a private clinic or the emergency room, when they are ill or have suffered an injury. It is usually assumed that one will get better with medical intervention. Unfortunately, medical treatment can actually cause one’s condition to worsen, especially when the staff, clinic or hospital is negligent in providing adequate care. This may have been the case with an out-of-state hospital that is being sued for medical negligence after allegedly causing a man’s permanent brain injuries.

The lawsuit has been filed by the victim and his wife. The complaint states that the hospital failed to provide a reasonable standard of care when the man was a patient at the hospital in Oct. 2013. Apparently, he had suffered a severe head injury, including fluid on the brain.

Due to the alleged medical negligence on the hospital’s part, the man suffered irreversible damage to his brain. These permanent brain injuries will require the man to receive ongoing medical care for the rest of his life. The extent of the damage, or the exact cause of the damage, was not made clear.

Regardless, the couple is seeking significant monetary damages for the brain injuries and malpractice, and if a judgment is ultimately awarded, it may help them maintain that very costly ongoing care. It may also assist the couple in recovering financially after such a tragic and economic impact on their lives. Anyone here in New Mexico who has experienced similar circumstances is entitled to seek assistance in determining the viability of a legal claim and the best manner in which to proceed.

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