Medical Malpractice Suit Won by Football Star Who Lost His Future

New Mexico residents may be interested in hearing about a former college football star who has recently won a medical negligence suit that he filed. The medical malpractice suit was filed after a surgical error destroyed his football career. The football star was suffering from low back pain in 2009. He went in for an MRI that showed he had a herniated disc. The pain worsened, and he opted to undergo spinal surgery.

In September 2010, he underwent an initial surgery. It was later determined that the disc that the physician operated on was not the right one. Instead, another disc was operated on, which led to the football player suffering even more pain. In fact, the pain was so severe that he found it difficult to perform basic, everyday tasks.

The month following the surgery, the player sought out the advice of another surgeon. At this time, it was determined that the wrong disc had been operated on. The surgeon also said that the initial herniated disc, as well as the disc that was mistakenly operated on, would need to be part of a second surgery.

After these surgeries, the star’s pain was alleviated, but it eventually came back. He is expected to need to undergo at least two more spinal fusion surgeries prior to the age of 50. At the medical malpractice trial, it was said that the initial surgical error is what caused the football star most of his pain. The jury believed this to be true as well and awarded the college player over $4 million in damages for medical expenses and damages. Anyone here in New Mexico who finds themselves in a similar situation may be able to seek and receive compensation for their own injuries sustained at the negligent hands of another individual.

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