After 10 Years, Couple Gets $4M in Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

It isn’t often that medical lawsuits in New Mexico or elsewhere in the country make it to the jury trial stage. Hospitals, doctors and other entities generally prefer to settle medical malpractice suits quietly and out of court, usually to the benefit of the patient and his or her family. In a recent case, however, a jury trial awarded a $4 million verdict to a couple after a 10-year legal battle, which offers additional hope to those considering bringing a lawsuit against healthcare providers.

After injuring his back on the job, a man went to a local urgent care center for pain relief. An employee gave him a shot and told him he could return to work. His condition worsened thereafter, and when he could not walk without assistance, he returned to the facility for treatment.

He was then treated by a physician, who gave him pain medication and also advised him that he could return to work. After continually worsening conditions, the man went to the emergency room and was diagnosed with cauda equine syndrome of the spine, which required surgery. Because of the time that lapsed as this condition was left untreated, the man suffers paralyzed legs and pain that will continue lifelong in areas above the area of his paralysis.

Regardless if a medical malpractice suit is to end up in court or is settled outside of court proceedings, it could behoove anyone who experiences substandard medical care to seek legal representation. Often, large healthcare organizations will bring their legal weight fully to bear against individual patients, and it can often be vital to have an attorney looking out for the patients’ best interests. An attorney in New Mexico who is experienced in medical malpractice litigation will be in the best position to offer advice on the many legal options available to victims and their family members.

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