What Doctor Errors Can Occur During Birth?

Most New Mexico parents hope their babies will be born happy and healthy. Sadly, the reality for some parents comes crashing down and crushes that dream. When a child comes into this world with an injury or debilitating condition, it can leave parents wondering whether doctor errors were the cause.

Several conditions could be the result of medical negligence during either the pregnancy or birth. Prenatal care is just as important as the birthing process. For example, if a mother’s blood pressure is low, or she contracts an infection, during the first six months of gestation that a doctor fails to properly diagnose or treat, the baby could be born with a form of cerebral palsy such as Klumpke’s palsy or Erb’s palsy. Either of these conditions may also be due to a lack of oxygen to the brain due to the umbilical cord becoming tangled.

An undiagnosed infection is suspected of causing a baby’s face to be malformed at birth (Holoprosencephaly). If an infant moves slowly through the birth canal, oxygen from the umbilical cord can be cut off, which could result in damage to the brachial plexus nerve bundles. This condition is called shoulder dystocia and could cause an infant to be unable to use an arm. If instruments such as forceps are used to deliver the baby, an injury called cephalohematoma could occur, which is bleeding between the periosteum and the skull. Hypotension, anemia and jaundice are some of the issues that result from this condition.

Many of these conditions are preventable when the appropriate standard of care is applied. If New Mexico parents are told their children have one of these conditions, or other serious issues at birth, it might be beneficial to discuss the matter with an attorney. After a review of the relevant evidence, doctor errors could be discovered that would make the filing of a medical malpractice claim appropriate.

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