Parents Pursue Medical Malpractice Suit for Son’s Injuries

When a child falls ill, in most cases, his or her parents immediately rush him or her to a doctor in order to determine the cause. For some children, however, the diagnosis may not be straightforward. In these cases, a pediatrician will often order tests and seek additional guidance from specialists. Readers in New Mexico may be interested in an article that details a recently filed medical malpractice lawsuit. The suit was filed by parents after their son was irreparably harmed due to the lack of care he received.

In late 2010, the parents of a young boy brought their son to a pediatrician due to unexplained vomiting. The suit states that no pulse or other vital signs were taken during this visit. The pediatrician then ordered radiologic scans of the boy’s chest and abdomen, which were performed by Associated Radiologists, Inc.

More than six months later, the parents returned to the same pediatrician when their child exhibited another inexplicable vomiting attack. At this time, the boy’s pulse was 100 bpm, and additional radiology exams were ordered. These were again performed by Associated Radiologists, Inc. After this visit, the child was referred to a gastroenterologist who allegedly found that he had a pulse over 190 bpm. At this point, the patient was referred to a regional academic center for further examination and treatment.

At the regional referral center, the boy was diagnosed with supraventricular tachycardia. Unfortunately, his condition did not resolve with treatment, and arrangements were then made for the child to be transferred to Ohio State University Medical Center. Before the transfer could take place, the boy suffered a cardiac arrest, and he is now in a vegetative state.

Family members and victims in New Mexico facing similar tragic circumstances could benefit from contacting attorneys who have experience in medical malpractice law. Unexpected expenses can result from such situations, specifically with regards to medical bills due to hospitalization. Attorneys in this field will be able to discuss the various legal options available in order to pursue restitution.

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