Doctors Charged With Medical Malpractice and Bribery

A disturbing trend in medical professions is the rising number of physicians and health care workers who put financial gain ahead of patient safety and confidentiality. While some physicians work in pill mills, others may feed a number of labs and medical device companies that offer kickbacks in order to gain market share. Readers in New Mexico may be interested in details from a recent article which describes the shady business practices of unscrupulous physicians and could open the door for medical malpractice lawsuits.

In the wide-reaching case of Biodiagnostic Laboratory Services, a total of 27 physicians and 12 others have pleaded guilty to bribery charges. The company apparently provided lavish kickbacks to doctors in the Northeast in order for the physicians to send patients’ blood work to the company’s labs. Biodiaagnostic received revenues in excess of $100 million in return.

Other health care professionals have been caught and tried for similar crimes. Some received bribes for referring patients to specific pain clinics, while others sold forged prescriptions for potent painkillers. While it is easy to believe that these crimes are somewhat innocuous, fraud committed by health care providers can hurt taxpayers, corrupt the medical judgement of treating physicians and harm competition.

Many in New Mexico who have dealt with health care fraud have sought counsel from an attorney. An attorney can best evaluate a client’s situation and offer guidance in moving forward with a lawsuit when appropriate. Specifically, attorneys who are experienced in medical malpractice litigation are in the best position to review a client’s claim and determine the best steps to take in order to obtain justice.

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