Family Seeks Hospital Negligence Suit in Death of Mother and Baby

The death of a mother and newborn during childbirth is one of the most tragic situations anyone can face. When the cause of death may have been preventable or treatable, it compounds the tragedy exponentially for surviving family members. Readers in New Mexico facing such a situation may be interested in a recent story about a family in another state who believes that hospital negligence caused the deaths of their loved ones.

According to social media posts, the family says that a 28-year-old woman who was 32 weeks pregnant was recently taken to the hospital by her fiance. She complained of chest pains and a pain in her left arm. Upon getting to the hospital, she was admitted to the emergency room.

Upon completing a cursory exam, the woman and her family were told that she was most likely suffering from a panic attack rather than a heart attack. In fact, one nurse even told the woman that there were more important priorities in the ER and left her alone. After discharge, the woman returned home, where she promptly collapsed to the floor.

An ambulance was called, and though the EMTs were able to get a weak heartbeat, after arrival at the hospital, they were ultimately unable to save the woman. Her baby, delivered by an emergency C-section, was eight weeks premature. Due to the mother’s lack of oxygen during the serious cardiac event, the baby died shortly after birth.

When facing such a tragedy, surviving family members in New Mexico may not have a desire to do anything except grieve for their loss. While this is perfectly understandable, it could benefit the family to speak with an attorney shortly following an event where hospital negligence is the suspected cause of a loved one’s death. An attorney who has experience in medical malpractice litigation could be in the best position to guide the family through the legal options available to them during such a difficult time.

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