New Mexico Doctor Errors in Prescribing Allegedly Cause Deaths

The over-prescribing of opiates in the past decade has led to what many call a dangerous medical epidemic in the United States. It is always tragic when accidental deaths occur due to patients taking too much of a prescribed drug or due to an accidental drug interaction. However, it is especially difficult to comprehend deadly doctor errors that are made out of greed, where physicians try to keep patients coming back and spending money through addiction to dangerous drugs.

Recently in New Mexico, a physician’s license to practice medicine was suspended after four of his patients died in 2015. According to the New Mexico State Medical Board, all of the patients had been prescribed large amounts and hazardous combinations of drugs by the doctor. Upon review of his records, it was revealed that he had prescribed controlled substances that were filled at over 100 different pharmacies to patients living in nine separate states. This pattern of prescribing is often seen when a physician operates as a “pill mill,” which are entities where a patient can generally get the medicine they want for a cash price.

Sadly, even legitimate patients can suffer under the care of such a physician. One of the doctor’s former patients said that she had become reliant on her medications over time and had requested the regimen be changed. However, the doctor did not seem to listen and kept the patient heavily medicated.

If a patient in New Mexico is harmed or killed by doctor errors relating to improper medication maintenance, the patient or their loved ones may benefit from contacting a medical malpractice attorney. An attorney who focuses on this kind of law will most likely be in the best position to discuss current legal precedent and options relating to civil medical malpractice lawsuits. An award from a civil suit could assist a patient or their family in defraying the cost of medical bills, lost wages and other losses that occur as a result of doctor errors.

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