Doctor Errors at Fault in $2 Million Malpractice Settlement

When patients in New Mexico go to medical professionals for help with health problems, they assume that the physicians will know how to properly diagnose and treat their ailments. However, there are times that a physician can miss the correct diagnosis, and these doctor errors can result in a grievous injury and even death. A recent article describes the settlement reached between a physician and his patient after a misdiagnosis resulted in an aneurysm and significant impairment.

The incident occurred after a woman sought treatment for a severe headache in September of 2011. According to the case documents, the physician she saw did not complete neurological or physical examination. The physician was also negligent in recognizing that the woman was experiencing a significant neurological event.

As a result of the misdiagnosis, the patient suffered from a ruptured intracranial aneurysm. This trauma to her brain resulted in a permanent neurological injury that has caused her to need assistance in all daily activities. She brought a lawsuit against the physician, which was settled for two million dollars just before the case was due to be heard in front of a state Superior Court jury.

Most in New Mexico who are facing similar situations seek the counsel of an attorney. Attorneys who are experienced in litigating medical malpractice cases that deal with doctor errors will be in the best position to  evaluate clients’ cases and determine the prospects of bringing a lawsuit against a physician for negligent treatment. This type of attorney will also be able guide his or her clients through the complex process of gathering the necessary information that can successfully prove liability.

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