Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Results in Almost $15M Verdict

Those who are sick or injured seek the assistance of medical professionals in times of their greatest need, and most doctors provide the utmost care for their patients. Yet thousands of individuals are injured or become even sicker due to the negligence of medical professionals each year. Those in New Mexico may be interested in a recent large settlement in a medical malpractice case.

In this case, an 18-year-old woman went to a local physician when she experienced pain in her leg. According to the documents in the lawsuit, the physician did not correctly diagnose that the woman had a blood clot in her leg. Further, when she went to Griffin Hospital later when the pain increased, the staff that attended her also did not diagnose the clot properly.

The woman tragically lost her leg because of the misdiagnosis. At 23 years old, the woman finally found a measure of peace in the matter when a jury awarded her almost $15 million in a recent settlement. The jury found the physician and the vascular center to be 60 percent negligent, while the hospital, another physician and an online imaging center shared the remaining 40 percent. The woman was able to settle a lawsuit against the hospital for an undisclosed sum.

Family members and victims in New Mexico facing similar tragic circumstances could benefit from contacting an attorney who has experience in medical malpractice law. Unexpected expenses can result from such situations, specifically with regards to medical bills due to hospitalization and life limitations due to amputation. Attorneys in this field will be able to discuss the various legal options available to pursue restitution.

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