Recent Report: Medical Malpractice Lawsuits Increasing

When people in New Mexico need medical care, they expect to receive expert, professional care from the physicians, hospitals and other treatment facilities they visit. However, in the past years, a recent article reported that an increasing number of people who have experienced wrongdoing by physicians or other healthcare entities are beginning to fight back. The article also disclosed statistics and other matters that patients should be aware of when dealing with the current medical malpractice environment.

According to the article, the highest percentage of malpractice cases throughout the country are filed against Obstetrics and Gynecology (OBGYN) physicians, with general surgeons and primary care physicians following closely behind. Many people file claims against OBGYN doctors due to problems that occur during a birth, which have caused permanent issues throughout the child’s life and into adulthood. Primary care malpractice claims often result from the failure to diagnose a debilitating or fatal health issue. Another interesting statistic is the amount awarded on average for inpatient versus outpatient malpractice claims. Inpatient claims collect an average of $363,000, while outpatient claims collect an average of $290,000.

Further, it is important for patients and loved ones to understand how malpractice claims are assessed. The general rule is that a case’s validity is based upon a standard of care, which refers to the general idea of how other medical providers would have acted in a similar environment. This can be a somewhat subjective standard, and it is why many malpractice cases tend to take time to resolve.

In most cases of true malpractice, cases often result in a favorable outcome for the plaintiff. Most in New Mexico who have either experienced the ramifications of medical malpractice personally or have watched a loved one suffer, seek the advice of an attorney. An attorney experienced in medical malpractice litigation will be in the best position to review a client’s case and discuss the best legal options to seek reparations.

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