Woman Sues for Medical Malpractice After Losing Arms and Legs

When anyone decides to undergo surgery for an elective procedure, they generally understand that there are risks involved. However, when a routine gynecological surgery results in amputation, it is shocking. Readers in New Mexico may be interested in a case where a patient filed a medical malpractice claim against her health care providers after losing her arms and legs as a result of sepsis.

The case originated in December 2013, when a woman underwent an elective hysterectomy. When she was discharged, the woman reportedly had symptoms that could have necessitated intravenous medications. She called her physician’s office two days after discharge, reporting very little urination. The lawsuit contends that the infection that resulted in sepsis was caused by an easily treatable urinary tract infection, which was reported to the woman’s physician for several days after her discharge from the hospital.  

Several days later, she was taken back to the hospital’s emergency room by her husband. The physicians on staff determined that the woman suffered from sepsis, which is the body’s potentially lethal reaction to an infection. After determining the woman’s extreme condition, physicians used drugs to help direct blood flow from extremities to her vital organs. This resulted in the necessity of amputating her arms and her legs.

The woman miraculously survived, and now lives with prosthetic legs and myoelectric hands. However, as a quadrilateral amputee, she is at times totally dependent on others to live. Those facing similar cases in New Mexico may benefit from discussing their situations with a medical malpractice attorney. Attorneys who are experienced in this area of law will be able to best discuss the best legal paths based upon their clients’ unique situations.

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