Ways Patients Can Prevent Doctor Errors

Many people in Albuquerque are already apprehensive about seeking medical care without the threat of doctor errors and medical mistakes looming over their heads. According to U.S. News and Health Reports, the third leading cause of death in the country is medical errors. Many deaths that occur due to medical and doctor mistakes are preventable. Doctors and medical staff are not the only ones who can keep patients from dying while they are under the knife.

Patients can also help reduce the likelihood of mistakes happening during their surgical procedures.

Delay giving permission

Many people give their medical providers permission to run tests and perform medical procedures and surgeries without knowing why they need them. They trust that their doctors and medical staff know what they are doing and believe that they cannot make mistakes. Although trust is necessary between doctors and patients, it does not replace the need for them to be informed about any and all medical treatments and recommendations they need before giving permission.

Ask questions

Many medical professionals neglect to inform their patients why they make recommendations. Often times, it is assumed that patients do not need to know or know just enough. Some doctors also neglect to inform their patients about any alternatives treatments that are available. Patients who take active roles and ask questions regarding their care can help to reduce the rate of medical errors that occur, states FoxNews.com.

There are many factors that can cause doctors to make mistakes while caring for their patients. Many of those factors are beyond patient control. But, patients who challenge their doctors and demand detailed information about their situations can help improve the outcome.

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