Recovering From a Prescription Error

Medical malpractice occurs far too often in the U.S., often leaving victims with serious hardships. From worsened medical conditions to unnecessary suffering and medical costs, far too many negligent medical professionals have upended the lives of patients who they were supposed to take care of. Currently, many people need to take prescription medication for various conditions. While these medications have been very helpful for many people, some have suffered due to medication errors, such as those which occur due to a doctor’s writing mistake.

Prescription errors can happen for different reasons. For example, a physician may not set aside enough time to take care of his or her patients and could rush, leading to a mistake while they are writing a prescription. Or, a physician could accidentally get two medications mixed up because they sound alike or accidentally write down the incorrect dosage. Moreover, some physicians may have poor hand writing, or a pharmacist could have difficulty reading a prescription. Sadly, these types of errors take place too often and the consequences are sometimes devastating for patients who take the wrong prescriptions.

If you are struggling after a prescription error, whether you took the wrong type of medicine or an incorrect dose, it is vital to look over your different options. Depending oSaven what occurred, you may want to try to have a negligent medical professional held accountable in the courtroom.

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