Is Robotic Surgery Safe?

Before you and your doctor schedule your surgery at a New Mexico hospital, he or she may suggest to you that a laparoscopic, computer-assisted procedure may reduce your risks and speed your recovery. While there is quite a bit of literature touting the benefits of the medical devices that can allow surgeons to perform much smaller movements with the aid of a robotic system, not all studies offer the same reassurance.

There are some medical professionals who believe your risk of a preventable medical mistake may be higher if you undergo robotic surgery, according to Medscape. You should never suffer from one of these surgical adverse events, which is why that type of incident is also known as a never event.

After examining past records from robotic surgeries, some medical professionals have discovered numerous adverse events that hospitals delayed reporting, or that were not reported accurately. This may be due in part to the fact that many systems depend on hospitals, doctors and nurses to voluntarily provide an account of any errors made, whether by device or by user. As a patient, you may also be expected to make this type of report if you experience an issue.

You could be put at risk of harm because of your surgeon’s lack of instruction and training, some critics say. Because there is not an accurate record of issues surgeons have experienced while using the machines, device manufacturers and trainers are unable to apply the lessons to further use and training. This information about robot-assisted surgery is provided for your education, and should not be interpreted as legal advice.

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