Doctor Errors Deprive Infants of a Chance of a Normal Life

Women in New Mexico and around the world already know that pregnancy is not a medical condition but one of the most natural processes in human history. However, that does not mean that medical intervention is not needed from time to time in order to ensure the safety and health of the mother and/or the infant. When doctor errors occur and that needed intervention does not happen in a timely manner, the child could be robbed of the chance for a normal life.

One couple in another state alleged that this is what happened to their child. On Dec. 13, 2012, the mother’s placenta separated from her uterus. This occurrence, called a placental abruption, deprives the unborn child of oxygen. If an emergency cesarean section is not performed as quickly as possible, the baby could suffer brain damage.

In the couple’s lawsuit filed in 2014, they alleged that this is what happened to their baby. The brain damage she suffered due to the inaction of the doctor caused her to suffer permanent disabilities. The child is unable to feed herself, talk or walk even now. The doctor and the hospital in Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania, where the birth occurred, settled the case for approximately $19.2 million — the bulk of which is to be set aside for the child’s ongoing medical and care needs.

If a New Mexico newborn suffers permanent and disabling injuries due to doctor errors before, during or after delivery, his or her parents should not hesitate to contact an attorney. A review of all relevant information could reveal that a medical malpractice claim is appropriate. Doctors, nurses and other medical professionals, along with medical facilities, need to be held accountable when they fail to meet the standards of care every patient deserves.

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