Just How Common Is Wrong Site Surgery?

Patients in New Mexico like you often consider yourselves to be under the care of your doctors, surgeons and so on, and trust them to look out for you. However, the fact of the matter is, healthcare professionals can also make mistakes, and these mistakes can vary from minor to severe.

One potential mistake that may be made is referred to as wrong site surgery. The National Center for Biotechnology Information determines the frequency of wrong site surgery incidents, which is often under debate due to the different numbers that studies can give. For example, while one study says that one in every 112,994 surgeries contains an error, a different study claims that the true number is one in 27,686.

But despite the number discrepancies, one thing is certain: reports are on the rise. When labeling a wrong site surgery, the definition often encompasses surgery either performed on the wrong patient, performed on the wrong area of the body, or an incorrect procedure being performed. In 2007, there were 592 cases involving these issues reported. This is a huge leap compared to the 15 cases reported in 1998. Whether it’s actually the number of mistakes on the upswing or simply the number of reports being made is currently up for debate.

These numbers can seem pretty daunting, especially if you have a surgery coming up in your future. However, these numbers are simply a way for you to keep yourself informed and be aware of all potential issues you might face when going in for your operation.

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