Common Causes of Wrongful Deaths

The number of wrongful death claims in New Mexico is increasing. According to The Balance, the surviving children, spouse and parents of the deceased can file claims to receive compensation for the loss of their loved ones if they believe their deaths were caused by someone else. As heartbreaking and life changing as these situations are, it is important for people to understand what wrongful death is and the common ways it can occur.

Under normal circumstances, that person may still be alive. Wrongful death claims are often challenging to prove and even harder to establish fault. Many families and loved ones of victims find it beneficial to seek out legal counsel. Here are some of the common ways that people wrongfully lose their lives. 

Car accidents 

Ca accidents are a daily occurrence all around the world, especially locally. Many drivers contribute to the deaths of other motorists, their passengers and pedestrians by texting, drinking, operating their vehicles recklessly and driving while distracted. According to, in 2016, “40,000 people lost their lives in car accidents.”

Medical malpractice and negligence 

People seek out medical attention to get help and relief for their ailments and to stay healthy. When medical care professionals fail to adhere to standards and administer the proper care and treatment patients need they end up making mistakes with medication administration, misdiagnosis, surgical errors and other medical errors that ultimately result in the untimely loss of life. 

Many cases of wrongful death are preventable. However, proving that a loved one’s death could have been avoided is challenging. Wrongful death lawsuits cannot replace the loss of innocent lives. But they can provide the surviving family members with compensation to help them overcome the tragedies. It can also ensure that the responsible parties are held accountable.

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