Anesthesia Awareness Explained

While anesthesia is generally safe and the safest it has ever been in history, issues can occur with patients in New Mexico. One issue is called anesthesia awareness, but it is important to note that, according to the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists, this condition is very rare. It occurs when one of the parts of the anesthesia fail. Anesthesia involves three parts: the part that blocks pain, the part that paralysis the patient and the part that makes the patient unconscious.

The way a patient experience it can be different depending on what part of the anesthesia fails. Some patients may be paralyzed yet able to feel the pain, while others may be awake and not feel anything. Experiencing this condition can lead to post traumatic stress syndrome or issues with anxiety, but, again, this is rare. The most common reasons that patients have this happen are incorrect machine usage or dosage of the medications, but properly trained anesthesiologists can help prevent it from occurring.

The American Society of Anesthesiologists notes that in certain surgical situations anesthesia awareness may be more likely, such as emergency situations, because the proper dosage of anesthesia cannot be used. Proper monitoring, even in such situations, can usually stop patients from having any problems. In addition, good patient-doctor communication can also reduce the risks of experiencing this condition. Patients should inform their doctors of every medication being taken, even herbal remedies. Doctors should also be made aware of any previous problems or fears the patient has with anesthesia.

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