The Term “Surgical Errors” Covers a Lot of Ground

From the moment you seek medical attention that results in an operation, the potential for mistakes that could leave you permanently injured or a loved one dead exists. Like many New Mexico residents, you might fail to realize that the term “surgical errors” covers a lot of ground. From the diagnosis through your discharge after the operation, a costly mistake could occur.

Under ordinary circumstances, your doctor makes an initial diagnosis that is then confirmed by a specialist if necessary. Tests are conducted to verify your condition, and then surgery is scheduled. An anesthesiologist puts you under, a surgeon who has a team operates on you, and medical personnel care for you after the operation. At any point during this process, something could go horribly wrong.

The diagnosis might be incorrect or the proper tests may not have been performed. The anesthesiologist made an error in dosage or failed to monitor your condition during the surgery. The surgeon made an error or your post-operative care was lacking. Determining where the mistake occurred that led to your injuries or the death of your loved one takes an investigation into your care by one or more qualified medical professionals. If the inquiry discovers that an error was made and that it caused you or your loved one harm, you and your attorney can then discuss the legal options.

The medical professionals involved in your care might be held accountable for the surgical errors suffered by you or your loved one. A medical malpractice claim filed in a New Mexico court establishing that the care received was not up to current standards could result in an award of damages. Perhaps just as important, those involved learn a lesson that helps prevent another patient from experiencing the same mistake.

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