A TBI Could Get Worse at the Hospital

After a blow to the head, it is generally a good idea for you to go to a New Mexico hospital for a thorough examination. The signs of a serious brain injury may not be evident to you right away, and if left untreated, a bruise or bleeding in the brain can lead to permanent damage. We at Curtis & Lucero have often provided counsel for victims of traumatic brain injuries.

According to the American Association of Neurological Surgeons, the primary point of admitting you into the hospital after a TBI, particularly if you need intensive care, is to prevent a secondary insult to the brain. There are many factors that may be controlled to reduce the likelihood of a second injury to the brain. These include:

  • Blood pressure
  • Pressure inside the skull
  • The amount of oxygen in the blood
  • Body temperature
  • Blood sugar levels

It only takes minor fluctuations to make a major difference when the brain has already been injured. A drop in blood supply, blood pressure or oxygen that would not otherwise be a problem could cause permanent damage if you already have a head injury. Fortunately, doctors have the tools to monitor all of these factors, as well as many others that may lead to further brain damage. 

The importance of your medical treatment cannot be overstated. Once you have nerve damage from a TBI, your brain may never fully recover. To learn more about health care provider responsibilities and liability, and patient rights, visit our webpage.

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