What Is Wrong-Patient Surgery?

We have provided information related to various types of surgical errors on this blog, such as wrong-site surgery. Sadly, in Albuquerque, and other cities in New Mexico, patients may also suffer as a result of other types of surgical errors, such as wrong-patient surgery. If you or a member of your family have had life thrown upside down due to a surgical mistake, it is pivotal to stand your ground and know your legal rights.

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality states that wrong-patient surgery occurs when a surgeon performs an operation on the wrong person. Although this is considered to be a never-event, this type of surgical error does take place and the consequences can be devastating for victims. If you are a patient who had an operation performed on you that was intended for another patient, you may be going through a great deal of emotional and physical pain. Moreover, you could have scarring or a serious health condition that only happened because of a medical professional’s carelessness. Tragically, these mistakes can even lead to fatalities.

Some people may think that wrong-patient surgeries could never occur because the scope of the error is unimaginable. However, they do happen and frequently leave victims and their relatives with an overwhelming number of problems. If you have been through a wrong-patient surgery, or any other type of surgical error, it is essential for you to take the steps that are necessary to get the justice you deserve and the resources you need to recover.

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