Misdiagnosis Errors Can Result in Death

The death of a family member is devastating, no matter what the circumstances. When death occurs as a result of a medical mistake or diagnostic error in New Mexico, it may be the basis for a lawsuit. At Curtis & Lucero, we often represent people whose loved ones have died as a result of a medical mistake 

CBS News reports that approximately 12 million adults who seek medical care in outpatient clinics or medical offices are misdiagnosed annually. The diagnostic process is complicated, and any given symptom may have many potential causes. If the doctor is rushed, details regarding family history and symptom descriptions may not receive the attention needed for an accurate diagnosis. Errors can also result from a breakdown in communication between healthcare professionals, from test results analysis to providers.

If your spouse, sibling or child died due to misdiagnosis, you may be able to submit a wrongful death claim. In addition to compensation for medical expenses and lost wages, you may also pursue restitution for funeral expenses, loss of financial support and pain and suffering. For families suffering from the preventable and untimely death of a loved one, a claim may be filed against the medical professional as well as the facility, such as the hospital or clinic.

Wrongful death claims must prove a connection between the misdiagnosis and the cause of death, such as receiving treatment for a condition that does not exist, or not receiving vital care for a condition that does. Visit our webpage for more information on this subject.

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