Family Alleges Hospital Negligence to Blame for Overdose

Doctors and nurses in New Mexico face the challenge of communicating consistently, effectively and responsibly between multiple parties during each one of their shifts. Their vigilance in observing patient conditions, prescribing treatment plans and implementing options that are customized to meet individual needs is critical in maintaining patient safety and health. 

In an unfortunate and controversial situation that happened in Florida, a disheartened family is mourning the injuries of their family member is they claim was the victim of hospital negligence. The man’s family discussed how his successful career as a heart surgeon at the very hospital where he was injured, was full of notable successes. He was a prominent figure at the hospital where he was the chief of cardiovascular surgery. 

His career was dedicated to his patients and his family described him as enthusiastic about life and spending time with the people he loved. When debilitating back pain prevented him from being active with his young grandson, the man sought medical treatment to provide some relief. During recovery from surgery, the man’s family alleges he was given a lethal dose of painkillers that subsequently put him into respiratory arrest. Negligence in his monitoring and the response to his rapidly-declining wellbeing contributed to his significant loss of brain activity. No longer able to talk or walk, the man’s family is demanding justice from the people they believe could have prevented such a tragic result. The outcome of the lawsuit is yet to be determined. 

If people have been injured at the hands of medical professionals who acted negligently in doing their job, an attorney may be able to provide valuable assistance. People can rely on the education and experience of legal professionals to gather evidence that can be used in getting compensation for people who are victims of medical malpractice. 

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