When a Surgeon Performs the Wrong Procedure

We have discussed some of the different surgical errors that patients suffer from, such as those involving the wrong site or the wrong patient. However, there are others that occur, such as wrong procedure errors, which can be especially devastating, depending on the incorrect operation that was performed. There are a variety of reasons why a surgeon may perform the wrong procedure on a patient, but the consequences can be extremely damaging regardless of the factors that led to the mistake. In Albuquerque, and across all of New Mexico, a patient who has an incorrect procedure performed on them may suffer a number of harsh consequences, from worsened conditions and completely unnecessary suffering to the loss of their life.

Unfortunately, some medical professionals make errors because they are very limited on time, even though this is no excuse. A medical professional could write down incorrect information or a surgeon who is in a rush might fail to properly read information about a patient, all of which can lead to a dangerous mistake. Miscommunication, inefficiency, inadequate training, and other problems are very concerning from a medical standpoint. When patients suffer because of these mistakes, it is critical for them to look over their rights and pursue any resources that could assist them in their path to recovery.

A surgical error may have left you without hope for your future and significant stress, but there may be options on the table. Our malpractice page has more material that is related to wrong procedure surgery.

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